Sr. No Category Work Details Probable date of completion Area/Beneficiaries
201 Road Capital Raising of the Existing CC Pavement from Ele Pole No: SS315/A3 to Door No: 10-3-29/1 and from D.No: 10-3-34 to D.No: 10-3-32 in Mutarasula Dibba in 9th ward 31/03/2016 400
202 General Providing CC Road and Culvert @ HIG-II 100 to HIG-II 99 in Housing Board Colony in 9th ward in Bhimavaram Municipality 31/03/2016 300
203 Drain Capital Providing RCC Culvert at Door No: 10-1-49/2 Old Super Bazar street in 9th ward 31/03/2016 514
204 General Construction of CC Road from D.No: 10-8-47 to D.No: 10-8-49 in Chinaranganipalem Main Road in 8th & 9th wards 31/03/2016 560
205 Road Capital Provididng CC Pavement from D.No: 10-1-24 to Ware House Compound wall (Balance Portion Old nataraj Convent) in 8th ward in Bhimavaram Municipality. 31/03/2016 654
206 Road Capital Construction of CC Road (a) from Plot No: 18 to Plot No: 240 to Plot # 247 in Maruthi Nagar in 7th ward 31/03/2016 536
207 Drain Capital Provididng CC Drain from D.No: 6-6-1 to D.No 6-2-67 in 3rd ward 31/03/2016 542
208 General Construction of Compound Wall and Site Filling to MPL. Ele. School in Mentevari Thota in 2nd Ward in Bhimavaram Municipality 31/03/2016 526
209 General Provididng CC Pavement from 5-10-1 to CPM Office in 1st ward 31/03/2016 1900
210 General Providing CC Drain and CC Road from a) D.No: 5-8-44/8 to D.No: 5-8-45/10 b) from D.No: 5-8-45/10 to D.No: 5-8-50 c) from D.No: 5-8-45/10 to D.No:5-8-45/1 d) from D.No: 5-8-45/16 to D.No: 5-8-45/2 in 1st ward 31/03/2016 1800
211 General Construction of CC Drains and RCC Slab Culverts at SC Colony (Boda Singh Rama Rao House Area) Slum area in Durgapuram in 39th ward. 31/03/2016 1600
212 General Construction of CC Drain and RCC Slab Culvert at SC Colony Kobbari Thota Area Slum Area in Durgapuramin 39th Ward. 31/03/2016 1400
213 General Construction of CC road from Dno4-18-4 to Dno:4-16-40 in Durgapuram in 39th Ward BMC 31/03/2016 1250
214 Building Maintanance Construction of Additional Staircase, Balcony, Door , Flooring Windows Doors Arrangements to the 1st Floor in ASR Function Hall at Old Bus Stand in 37th ward 31/03/2016 1350
215 General Providing Gravel Shoulders on the Existing CC Road from ramalayam Temple to D.No: 1-12-14 in Adarsh Nagar & JP Road to Srinivasa Nilayam in Vamsi krishna Nagar in 35th ward in Bhimavaram Municipality. 31/03/2016 1650
216 Road Capital Providing CC Road from Ele Pole No: SS107/A7/6 to Lotus Icon in Rajaji Street in 34th ward in Bhimavaram Municipality 31/03/2016 1400
217 General Construction of CC road and CC Drain from Kummarla Ramalayam to Dno26-12-17 in Pamarthi vari street in 31st Ward BMC 31/03/2016 1200
218 General Construction of CC road from to 25-5-2 in east side of girls hostel in 30th Ward BMC 31/03/2016 1500
219 General Construction of CC road from Ele pole No:SS76/B5 to Ele pole No:SS76/B1/Df in 30th Ward BMC 31/03/2016 900
220 General Providing CC Road in sankara Matam D.No.20-11-184 to Y junction near sankaramatam in 28th ward in Bhimavaram 31/03/2016 240
221 General Filling with Quarry Dust and Sand at low levelling portion and Providing Childrens Paly Equiptments in RHR School in 27th ward in Bhimavaram Municipality. 31/03/2016 50
222 General Constructioin of CC Drain at Katreddi Someswara Rao House to Bank Colony Main Road ( MLA's House Road) in 26th ward in Bhimavaram Muynicipality. 31/03/2016 4500
223 General Providing CC Road at Montissory School road from existing BT Road to Kirana Mrchants Association road in 23rd ward in Bhimavaram Municipality. 31/03/2016 5000
224 General Rasising of CC Road at Pedda Mosque road South side road from Mosque road to Bhimeswara Swamy Temple road in 19th ward in Bhimavaram Mplty 31/03/2016 5000
225 General Construction of CC drain and Repairing the existing Drain, Gravel Filling with Quary dust at MAKA School at 19th ward in BMC 31/03/2016 250