The set of activities of the departments of the ULB are listed below:

  Department                              Activities
Accounts and Audit The main functions of the Accounts Department are Preparation of the budgets, Processing of the bills and payment vouchers, Monitoring of the revenue generation, Maintenance of the books of account, Maintenance of the payroll, general provident fund, Management of treasury.
The main functions of the Audit Department are Conducting a pre-audit of all the receipts and payments. Based on the verification and approval of the audit section, payments will be released
Administration The main functions of Administration department are Personnel management, Election related matters such as conduct of parliamentary and other elections, Monitoring of court cases, Management of all immoveable properties of the ULB, Leasing and monitoring the leases of the properties, Collection of rents.
Education The main functions of Education department are Establishment and maintenance of schools, Construction and maintenance of school buildings and Training of teachers.
Engineering The main functions of the Engineering Department are Preparation of plans and estimates for civil works, Construction and maintenance of roads, Construction of buildings, Execution of civil works, Construction and maintenance of drains, Maintenance of water supply.
Public Health and Sanitation The main functions of the Public Health & Sanitation department are Cleaning of the streets and supervision of sanitation, Lifting of garbage and dumping of the same in dumping yard, Spraying disinfecting materials under anti malaria schemes, Maintenance of vehicles, diesel bunks, vehicle sheds, and workshops, Registration of births and deaths, Regulation of dangerous and offensive trades, Maintenance and management of slaughter houses and certification of animals for slaughter, Prevention of epidemics, Prevention of food adulteration
Management of dispensaries of Indian Medicine System and allopathic system.
Revenue The main functions of the revenue department are Assessment and levy of various taxes such as property tax, Vacant land tax, water charges, trade licenses, advertisements; Collection and monitoring of these taxes charges
Town Planning The main functions of the Town Planning Department are Formulation of building rules, master plan rules and zonal regulations, Implementation of master plans, Road widening programmes, Public spaces, Roads and Junctions improvement, Issuance of permission for buildings and layouts, Regularization and demolition of unauthorized constructions, Removal of encroachments.
Urban Poverty Alleviation The main function of the UPA department is to implement the developmental schemes of the Government. Depending on the objectives of the scheme, it need to formulate the strategy, identify the beneficiaries and administer the scheme.